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Pros and Cons of a doorless shower

Pros and Cons of a doorless shower

“To Door, or not to door?” 


You may have noticed a trend of doorless showers becoming more common in bathrooms. Although they have been around for centuries in one form or another, this type of shower has increased in popularity recently through its functionality and beauty. If you are interested in this unique bathroom style this blog will provide information to help inform your decision.

 A doorless shower is a shower architecturally designed to not require a door or a curtain, commonly referred to as Roman, Roll-in, or walk-in these showers have many
advantages that traditional shower’s lack. Below we’ve listed some pros and
cons that go along with this unique bathroom feature.

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Advantaged to a doorless shower
  • The most prominent advantage is the lavish look of a doorless shower. A doorless shower can bring out a more modern and high-end look to any bathroom. This bathroom feature also creates an open and spacious atmosphere. The seamless entry and movement provided by a doorless shower really brings a bathroom to a whole new level to a luxury lifestyle.
  • Doorless showers also offer easy accessibility with a perk of being a less expensive option. Without a glass barrier or threshold, this bathroom feature makes it more accessible for all ages and all levels of mobility. Leaving off the glass door can significantly reduce the cost of installation.
  • Doorless showers also maximize an existing small opening. Just going an additional 1 or 2 inches without the door is “big” for most bathrooms
  • Lastly, a doorless shower, by its very nature eliminates all struggles of hard water spots, streaks, and weird build-ups that usually exist with the common shower glass door. Less bathroom cleaning means more time relaxing.

Disadvantages to a doorless shower

  • The cons of a walk-in shower are mainly spacial. A proper Doorless shower requires a certain amount of space so that water doesn’t end up everywhere. There is always a potential for water to splash into the rest of the bathroom, but with careful planning and having a big enough space that can be minimized.
  • Chilly ambient air is also a disadvantage. The bathroom has water and moving air going through the doorless doorway which in terms creates a draft. A way to combat this is by installing a ceiling heat lamp or radiant floor heating systems.
  • Lastly, without a door this bathroom creates a lack of privacy. In some situations that could even mean only one person in the bathroom at a time. If this is a struggle for some individual a half wall can be installed to rebuttal this effect.

Here are a few tips from professionals for the more effective doorless showers:

  • Opt for picking the corner of the room with a slopping shower floor to drain system.
    • The corner of a room is less invasive; you can utilize the two existing walls all while aiming the walkway away from bathroom fixtures. The Slopped floor to the drain helps with escaping water droplets.
  • Choosing a strategic faucet head
    • Shower heads that aim down like the rain mount faucets are definitely a smarter choice as opposed to an angled shower faucet.
  • Select slip proof flooring
    • For safety purposes these bathroom need skid-proof flooring as to not slip anywhere in the shower itself.
Before choosing a doorless shower option, contemplate on the advantage and disadvantages.
This ensures that you’re making the best choice for your bathroom space and lifestyle.