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How to design a bathroom your child won’t outgrow

How to design a bathroom your child won’t outgrow

We all know that children grow up fast. From the time they are born they grow out and into many styles and sizes. One thing you should not have to constantly change as your child grows is your bathroom. When it comes to remodeling your child’s bathroom, key factors to keep in mind are safety, functionality, and longevity in your Bathroom design.

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For the first few years, your child will be using the tub, but they will likely transition to showers as they become older. The best choice for a child’s bathroom would be a larger size tub with a shower. Consider also mounting a handheld showerhead. This will be used while washing your baby or toddler and when your child starts bathing themselves. Adding a grab bar to the shower/tub helps prevent slips and improves safety. Finally, a shower curtain rod is considered more optimal, this helps with ease of access when bathing younger children, of course, you could always get a shower glass enclosure installed once your children grow older.


The rim and height of the toilet are important factors to consider. Some toilet brands offer an integrated rim that is a removable child-sized, this can be useful as the child grows older and you can replace the seat. Now for the height of the toilet, adult height is likely best for everyone. You can choose to teach your child with a step stool if needed.


The height of your vanity could often be a concern when designing a kid’s bathroom. Most clients will pick a 36-inch Unit. This height is appropriate for teens and children can reach the sink with a stool. It is better to choose a taller vanity so your child will get the most use out of it as they get older.


Young kids love to splash water and of course, can have accidents during toilet training. The best flooring to keep damage at a minimum and is easier to clean is tile. Add plenty of floor mats to help avoid slipping as well.


Having a lot of cabinet space in your child’s bathroom is a must. Storing extra towels, diapers, baby shampoo, powders, and lotions is something to consider when your child is young. As they get older the same space will also be carrying shaving needs, toiletries, make-up, or deodorants.


Lastly, you will always be able to change the shower curtains, rugs, towels, and any other accessories to accommodate their styles.

Designing a bathroom your children will not outgrow is possible. If you take these tips into consideration and meet with a professional bathroom designer, you will succeed in creating the perfect bathroom for your child.