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5 Storage and Organization ideas to improve your kitchen

5 Storage and Organization ideas to improve your kitchen

Here are 5 kitchen storage ideas that will make your kitchen more functional

Pull-out Cabinets

Pull out drawers for cabinets, or rollouts added to your kitchen cabinets can provide ease of access and maximize your kitchen storage space. Pull-out cabinets help you easily get items like pots, pans, and even spices. There is a multitude of options and configurations for pull-out cabinetry and roll-out accessories.



Stainless Steel Sink Front Tip-Out Trays

Tilt-out tray

Tilt-out trays are usually located under the countertop at the sink cabinet. The tilt-out tray maximizes this small space by including a spot designed to store small cleaning items like sponges, scrub brushes, bottlebrush cleaners, and all those items that quickly clutter up the sink and countertop area. This also eliminates the need to constantly bend down and search for products under the sink.



Orono residence CliqStudios Cabinetry, ©Karen Melvin Photography

Lazy Susan

A Lazy Susan is a great way to utilize storage in kitchen corners. A customized Lazy Susan can maximize your storage space for your cabinetry needs. Lazy Susans can be great at storing small items like spices or baking supplies. Regardless of what you store, this accessory truly maximized the corner of your kitchen.



Dowell Drawer

One of the most popular trends for pull-out drawer accessories is a pull-out drawer with peg dowels. This simple organizer can create a more efficient workflow throughout the kitchen. Known to organize plates, bowels, pots, and pans, you can always customize the setup of the dowels to fit any size item.



Wine Racks

If you are a wine enthusiast or just need a better spot to put your Liquor/Spirits, a Wine Rack is the way to go. Wine racks are an appealing storage solution that comes in various shapes and sizes. Wine racks can be mounted to the wall, freestanding, on a tabletop, or installed in an island. Wherever you choose to put a wine rack it will make a statement in your home.