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7 Design Ideas for a Modern Bathroom Remodel

7 Design Ideas for a Modern Bathroom Remodel

Modern bathroom design encompasses a wide range of styles, from sleek minimalism to spa-like luxury. Whether you’re planning a complete bathroom remodel or seeking simple yet effective upgrades, we hope these bathroom design trends will inspire you! In this post, we’re sharing seven ideas to transform your bathroom into a modern masterpiece.

Modern bathroom with floating wood vanity, a black tiled shower, and grey walls.

1. Floating Vanity

A floating vanity creates a clean contemporary aesthetic. This bathroom design trend will make your bathroom appear larger and more spacious. For this bathroom remodel in Lake Mary, our team designed a floating vanity with custom wood cabinetry.

Designed by Amber Interiors Design Studio

2. Fluted Cabinets

Fluted cabinets strike the perfect balance between classic charm and contemporary sophistication. The vertical grooves add depth and texture, transforming an ordinary cabinet into a statement piece. This style exudes elegance, especially when paired with stylish stone countertops.

This is a bathroom with black walls, a round mirror, and dramatic stone countertop with grey, black, and purple veining.
Source: Maria Bifolchi Design

3. Statement Stone

Make a statement with a dramatic stone countertop. From elegant marble to durable quartz, our design team can help you find a stunning surface to complement any style. At The Homestyles Group, we often recommend engineered quartz countertops for our clients. Quartz offers the best of both worlds – durability and aesthetics. This material is non-porous, resistant to stains, and comes in a wide range of colors and patterns.

Designed and Built by The Homestyles Group

4. Walk-In Shower

Embrace open concept design with a walk-in shower. By eliminating barriers, you create a light, airy feel and allow for seamless flow throughout the bathroom. Incorporate luxurious elements like a rainfall shower head or built-in bench to take this trend to the next level. If you’re considering this design feature for your bathroom renovation, check out our post on the pros and cons of a doorless shower!

Designed by Skout Interior Design

5. Artisan Lighting

Chic lighting fixtures instantly elevate any space. For your modern bathroom makeover, consider pendant lights, wall sconces, chandeliers, or even backlit mirrors. To create a soothing ambiance, install dimmer switches that allow you to adjust the light intensity based on your preferences and time of day.

Design by The Den Design Group // Brizo Litze Collection in Brilliance® Luxe Gold

6. Elegant Faucets and Fixtures

With your bathroom design, every small decision is an opportunity to express your personal style. Fixtures such as faucets, showerheads, and towel bars don’t just serve a functional purpose, they also add a touch of style and character to your space. Popular finishes include honey bronze, brushed nickel, or matte black. Explore sophisticated selections from the Brizo Litze Collection for inspiration!

White bathroom with freestanding tub, white walls, a light wood vanity with a grey stone countertop.
Designed by South Harlow Interiors

7. Freestanding Tub

Freestanding bathtubs offer versatility in terms of placement. Unlike built-in bathtubs which require specific wall configurations, a freestanding tub can be placed anywhere in the bathroom. This allows homeowners to make the bathtub a focal point or position it to take advantage of scenic views or natural light.

Modern bathroom design goes beyond functionality to create a luxurious and rejuvenating space within your home. If you’re ready to elevate your bathroom, reach out to us to get started! Our team at The Homestyles Group specializes in complete bathroom remodels in the Orlando area. Fill out a form online to chat with a remodeling consultant today!