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To Door or Not to Door? The Pros and Cons of a Doorless Shower

To Door or Not to Door? The Pros and Cons of a Doorless Shower

Original Blog Posted: 05/15/2020
Updated on: 08/31/2023

A bathroom shower with white tile, enclosed with glass.

“To Door, or not to door?” 

Gone are the days of shower doors and curtains blocking your view. Doorless showers are taking over as the hottest trend in bathroom remodeling and design. With their sleek look and improved accessibility, it’s no wonder more homeowners are opting for this contemporary style during their next bathroom remodel.

If you’re considering a doorless shower install for your home, keep reading to learn the many benefits this bathroom feature provides along with some smart design tips to make the most of your doorless shower experience.

Photo by Amber Interiors Design Studio

The Allure of the Doorless Shower

Doorless showers, also known as roll-in or Roman showers, have been around for centuries but have recently risen in popularity for today’s modern bathrooms. Ditching the shower door or curtain provides an open, airy feel that truly upgrades your bathroom’s aesthetics.

The sleek, unobstructed entryway of a doorless shower brings a spa-like elegance and high-end style to any bathroom remodeling project. Its seamless design creates a greater sense of space, allowing you to capitalize on small or awkward bathroom layouts. The minimalist look also means less maintenance since there are no tracks or glass panels to scrub and no mildew-prone curtains to launder.

If boosting the look of luxury in your bathroom is a priority, the contemporary style of a doorless shower is sure to deliver.

Improved Accessibility and Safety

In addition to amping up your bathroom’s visual appeal, doorless showers also provide better ease of use and accessibility. Since there is no barrier to step over or slide open, this design allows for easier entry and exit. This makes a walk-in shower ideal for users of all ages and mobility levels, from young children to seniors.

Safety is also improved with optimal flooring. Be sure to choose slip-resistant tiles or shower pans to prevent falls on wet surfaces. For added comfort, you can even look into radiant floor heating to keep bare feet toasty on chilly mornings.

Maximize Existing Small Spaces

Another great advantage of going doorless in your shower remodeling is the ability to capitalize on compact bathroom footprints. Removing obstructive doors and tracks allows you to eke out those extra couple inches of elbow room. This helps a doorless shower optimize the usable functioning space, even in the tightest bathrooms.

When planning your doorless shower layout, consider placing it in the corner to utilize two adjoining walls. This provides built-in containment while still allowing an open entryway. Strategic design choices like this allow you to maximize existing small spaces when renovating your bathroom.

Customize with Half Walls and Shower Heads

If complete openness still doesn’t suit your needs and preferences, not to worry! You can still enjoy the benefits of a doorless shower while adding customized privacy features.
Consider incorporating a half wall made of frosted glass. This maintains visibility and brightness while discreetly concealing the lower half of the shower. You can also opt for specialty shower heads, like wall-mounted rainfall shower heads, that help contain water.

Get creative with your doorless shower design to find the perfect mix of style and functionality your bathroom needs. The possibilities are wide open!

Before Going Doorless

It is important to take these important steps before as part of planning a home renovation. Measuring your existing bathroom footprint and assessing the placement of plumbing and ventilation to ensure your planned doorless shower will function as desired. Remember to factor in elements like budget, privacy concerns, household occupants, and existing construction limitations. This helps set realistic expectations for your doorless shower’s design and performance.

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4 Things to Consider:

  • Draftiness – The open design can lead to a chilly draft. Consider installing a ceiling heating lamp or radiant floor heating.
  • Water containment – Proper sloping and drainage is key to keep water inside. Opt for a corner spot and rainfall showerhead.
  • Privacy – The open entry lacks privacy. Incorporate a frosted glass half wall if needed.
  • Budget – Customized layouts and tiles increase costs. Factor this in.

While walk-in showers provide an undeniably sleek update to your bathroom, the doorless style still won’t be ideal for every home or lifestyle. But when planned properly, a doorless shower can help maximize space and create an upscale, spa-like oasis right in your own home. As with any major home renovation project, be sure to carefully evaluate your needs before proceeding. Stop by our showroom to see some examples and learn how The Homestyles Group professionals can help you with your renovation project.