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Mount Dora Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling

Mount Dora Home Renovation Contractor


Homestyles Group has earned the reputation as one of the most trusted home remodeling service providers in Mount Dora region of Orlando. We have built that trust throughout the years with hundreds of successful home remodeling projects in Mount Dora. We let nothing come between your dreams and making them a reality when it comes to renovating your home. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring that your dream home becomes the home you live in!


Be it your kitchen, bathroom, living room, office or any corner of your home, you will be amazed by the quality craftsmanship that The Homestyles Group offers. We provide a wide variety of pre-designed formats and layouts, and also offer the option of working with our design studio to create a custom home that is like no other.  The quality of materials that we use is also a reason for our success as we only utilize the highest quality cabinets, flooring materials, and appliances.  We expect our home renovations in Mount Dora to last for the years to come, we will never compromise on quality!


Remodel Your Mount Dora Kitchen!


The Homestyles group provides one of the best kitchen remodeling services in Mount Dora region of Orlando. As the kitchen is one of the rooms that the majority of your time is spent in, there is no reason you shouldn’t enjoy every second spent in this important room! Hence, you must make sure that your kitchen is always at the peak of its appearance.  Impress your guests, family, and friends with a beautifully restored and renovated kitchen with state of the art materials and appliances!


Renovating your kitchen requires you to make a number of decisions. It is important to consider the countertop as it relates to your cabinet color and the appearance of your appliances.  The type, color, and quality of the materials used will project a rich and impressive new look that will translate into an enjoyable experience every time you enter this important room.  We have countless varieties of countertop materials and colors, along with cabinet styles and colors.  Our team of design experts at The Homestyles Group will ensure that your new Mount Dora kitchen remodel will flow seamlessly from end to end.


No matter how much money you spend, you must make sure that you get the perfect look you want.  Our team of expert designers will give you the complete picture of your kitchen before the actual renovation work begins through a 3D model of the new space.


Bathroom Remodeling in Mount Dora


Like most people, your day likely starts in your bathroom. Hence, if you ever considering renovating any single room in your entire home, it is likely going to be the bathroom.  The Homestyles Group provides bathroom renovating services in Mount Dora so that you can start each day in a room that uplifts and energizes you! The renovation can include replacing the essential components of your bathroom, adding new features to it or completely changing the layout and feel of this essential room.


As your go-to bathroom remodeling contractor in Mount Dora, we offer:

  • New, beautiful fixtures such as showers, toilets, tubs, and vanities
  • A wide variety of bathroom cabinets in any style or color
  • Complete redesign of the layout and feel of your bathroom
  • 3D printouts of the final product you agree upon
  • Time efficient process to reduce the impact on your daily life
  • Examples of previous work done in similar homes

The designs considered by us are based on various factors like utilization of space, safety, the personality of colors, etc.


You can drop us an email on our contact us page so that we can schedule a time to discuss your vision.  Our design studio will allow you to come in and put your dreams into a workable reality so that you know exactly what your new bathroom will look like.  We also offer examples of our past work so that you can rest assured that we will accomplish your dreams within the timeframe agreed upon!  Get in touch with your Mount Dora bathroom remodeling contractors today!

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