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Our services

At the HomeStyles Group, the one thing that most distinguishes us from other kitchen and bath companies is that we are also a complete remodeling company. From custom cabinetry to complete kitchen and bath renovations to full home renovations and additions, we can do it all.


Our team of NKBA Certified Kitchen Designers, Bathroom Designers, and State Licensed Residential Contractors can handle everything from the initial design phase through complete construction. Whatever type of renovation project you are considering for your home, chances are, we are experienced with it.

Custom Cabinetry

With access to over 8 lines of cabinetry and our own custom shop, we are sure to have the right cabinetry to fit your style and budget. Combine this with our NKBA Certified Design Staff and our expert craftsmen and the possiblities are endless!

Complete Kitchen Renovations

The kitchen is the heart of your home. Whether you’re cooking dinner for your children, or you’re hosting a gathering with friends, you can often count on everyone gravitating toward your kitchen. At The HomeStyles Group, we want to help make your kitchen not only your favorite space, but also your home’s showpiece. We’re confident our kitchen design specialists and construction team can make that happen.

Complete Bathroom Renovations

At The HomeStyles Group, we want to transform your bathroom into a sanctuary, a place where you can get away from work, chores, traffic, and all the other noisy aspects of the world. Our bathroom design and construction team has the imagination, ingenuity, and skill to convert your every day bathroom into a luxurious, tranquil oasis you’ll never want to leave.

Complete Home Renovations

Many of our clients choose to have us renovate an entire home before they move into it. Some are brave enough to have us renovate their entire home while they live in it. In either case, our attention to detail and our respect for the client and their home shows through from start to finish

Room Additions

Today’s homewowners are busier than ever and that has created a demand for additions that address this lifestyle. From kitchens with open family rooms to lavish master suites and “mancave” style bonus rooms, we can add a room to your home that is both architecturally pleasing as well as a compliment to your lifestyle.

Take the first step and set up a meeting with one of our remodeling consultants Today!