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Thorton Park Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

Home Remodel in Thorton Park


Thornton Park is known for its charming boutiques and stylish homes. With our proven approach, The HomeStyles Group can deliver a design that meets your specific needs within this thriving Orlando community. Our project managers communicate with you consistently throughout the process and keep you updated every step of the way. We are also known for our attention to detail and unmatched customer service. Contact our staff for a consultation or to see our showroom. You can rest assured that your project will be completed successfully and in an efficient manner.


Kitchen Remodeling


The HomeStyles Group knows how important the kitchen is to you and your family routine. It is a space where people gather together to create and enjoy meals. There are various ways to improve the function of your kitchen, whether you add more counter space or install new appliances. From modest remodels to complete custom kitchens, our designers in Thorton Park commit to bringing your dream kitchen to life. We have also fully refined our process to keep your projects on time and on budget.


Bathroom Remodeling


Bathrooms are a place to relax and unwind at the end of the day. When investing in a master bathroom or guest bathrooms, homeowners should consider features that make a smaller space seem much larger. If your bathroom is not aesthetically pleasing, a remodel can incorporate new flooring and countertops, sophisticated lighting, and a spa-like bathtub. Specializing in bathroom design, The HomeStyles Group is proud to have helped countless individuals make the most of their space.


Call or email us today on our contact us page to discuss the visions you have for your dream home. You can call us at 407-326-2538 today to speak with an expert on home renovations in the Thorton Park Orlando area.

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