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Complete Bathroom Renovations

Complete bathroom renovations by The Homestyles Group

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    Bathroom Remodeling Orlando

    Bathroom remodeling
    is one of America’s most popular major home improvements. Everyone loves a beautiful bathroom, big or small. Not only does a new bathroom remodel enhance the beauty of your home, it also enhances your lifestyle. A fresh new look with custom finishes and personal touches will brighten your home life and increase the overall value of your property.

    Whether you are looking for a gorgeous, traditional bathroom, a stylish and contemporary bathroom or even a fun children’s bathroom, HomeStyles will certainly meet and even exceed your highest expectations.

    When you work with The HomeStyles Group to perform your Orlando bathroom remodel, here is what you can expect:

    1. Our creative, experienced and educated bathroom designers will aid in the design and material
      selection process every step of the way. Because our design staff is certified by the
      NKBA, we are constantly honing our skills on planning, design, construction and the latest
      kitchen and bath industry trends.
    2. State of the art, AutoCAD technology, which allows our design team to create detailed floor plans and “3D Type” Elevations to help you visualize all the fine details of your new bathroom.
    3. Access to over 8 of the most respected bathroom custom cabinet manufacturers in the country, which allows us to provide you with a spectacular bathroom at the most competitive price available.
    4. Access to our state of the art, 5,000 square foot, Orlando Area Showroom, which features the latest in cabinetry, countertops, backsplashes, appliances, flooring, plumbing fixtures and more…
    5. A team of highly skilled and experienced craftsmen, tradesmen and specialty contractors that work together towards one common goal, and that is to make you happy. Our team knows the difference is in the details, so we take the time to focus on the little things like keeping your home clean, communicating and making sure the fine details of your remodel come together as planned.
    6. A Project Manager who will oversee every step of your project and work in tandem with our design team, craftsmen, and tradesmen. From the first site visit to the final walk-through of your project, or project managers will make sure your bathroom remodel runs smoothly, on schedule and on budget.
    7. Single Source Responsibility. We take full ownership of every renovation we perform. By handling the design work, material specifications, permitting and construction, our team removes the hassles normally associated with remodeling projects.
    8. Most importantly, you can expect a uniquely beautiful bathroom that reflects your personality and functions around your lifestyle.


    Elements That Go Into Bathroom Remodeling


    Modernizing a bathroom is an exciting endeavor, from granite countertops to hands-free faucets. There is no shortage of wonderful and spa-like elements to choose from. At The Homestyles Group in Orlando, Florida, we know all the key elements to make a gorgeous bathroom. Whether you are looking for a traditional style or a contemporary look, our local team can meet and exceed your highest expectations. Our state-of-the-art showroom features the latest in countertops, backsplashes, appliances, plumbing fixtures and more. Learn more about bathroom remodeling by reading below or by giving us a call. We hope to meet the highest standards of quality and professionalism. 


    About Orlando Bathroom Remodeling 


    If you are investing in a home remodeling project or want to increase the value of your property, there are many ways to invest in the latest design trends and products. Creating the perfect master bathroom can be tricky since homeowners need to account for things such as water fixtures and a potentially smaller space. The best way to approach any project is to plan ahead as much as possible and budget for any unforeseen circumstances that may come up. An experienced professional such as the staff at The Homestyles Group will know how to achieve both of these goals. Here’s what to consider when remodeling your home bathroom: 

    • Sink: a sink does more than just contribute to the overall appearance of the bathroom, it should meet your needs in terms of lifestyle. For instance, porcelain is a popular option for sinks though it is prone to chipping. Stainless steel sinks tend to be more durable. 
    • Toilet: water efficiency is on the rise! Many of our clients are choosing water-saving options that increase efficiency and save families money and resources every year. 
    • Vanity: it’s important to have enough surface area and counter space to account for items you use on a daily basis. A wide and luxurious mirror will make the space even more beautiful. 
    • Ventilation: remember to allow for plenty of ventilation, especially since water and moisture often cause household mold. A bathroom fan is a great way to make sure your bathroom is getting the ventilation it needs. 

    When you work with The HomeStyles Group for your bathroom remodel, you can expect creative and experienced individuals who will help with the design and material selection as well as construction. Not only that we use advanced AutoCAD technology to make detailed floor plans for the new bathroom. Ask us about our connections with custom cabinet manufacturers who provide us with the most competitive prices available. Our team takes the time to focus on every little detail so your remodel can come together as planned on schedule and on budget. Each project comes with a project manager who will oversee every aspect of your project. 


    Bathroom Remodeling in Orlando


    Are you ready to take the next step in the bathroom remodeling process? The Homestyles Group takes full ownership of every project we perform. By handling the material specifications and design work as well as permitting and construction, we remove the hassle associated with remodeling. We hope to cultivate strong relationships with each one of our clients, contractors, and vendors. To learn more about bathroom remodeling in Central Florida and Orlando, we hope you give us a call today.

    Take the first step and set up a meeting with one of our remodeling consultants Today!